Artist Statement

    As a painter, I'm inspired by the strength of the human spirit in the face of adversity. As a New Orleans native impacted by Hurricane Katrina, I was very moved by the thousands who lost lives, family or belongings. And with the increasing abundance of such natural disasters, as well as man-made ones, I feel constantly challenged to find glimmers of hope in these struggles, and to paint them as realistically and with as much compassion as possible. With respect to these themes, I find inspiration in painters like Rembrandt, Gericault and Mancini and modern masters such as Steven Assael, Max Ginsburg and Odd Nerdrum. I believe art has the power to move people and that the most effective, beautiful and truthful way to do that is through realism.


I grew up and lived in Louisiana until 2005 when Katrina struck and my family reluctantly relocated to San Antonio. There, I was accepted into Say Si, an arts program recognized by the Wallace Foundation as one of the nation’s top school arts organizations.

In 2008, I attended the Columbus College of Art and design on scholarship, where I graduated summa cum laude in 2012. While at CCAD, I studied under the head anatomist of a cadaver lab at a neighboring college, where I learned anatomy in-depth and performed dissections.

After graduation, I was given a scholarship to present my artwork at the 2012 Seventh International Conference on the Arts in Society held in Liverpool, England, as part of the Cultural Olympiad. While in Europe, I was able to travel and spend time studying in museums in England, France and Holland.

I returned to Louisiana and began apprenticing with Carl Groh, a society portrait painter who studied under Aaron Shickler. I learned about executing portraits, understanding commission contracts and budgets.

In late 2014, I moved to Seattle and studied classical painting and drawing with Juliette Aristides, a student of Jacob Collins, for four years. After graduating from Juliette’s Atelier in 2018, I secured a studio in Seattle and am developing a body of work while actively pursuing exhibition opportunities.